Tryouts and Coach Selection 2024

January 15, 2024

Here is all the information about our competitive team tryout and coach selection process. Additional details about 18U College Prep tryouts were sent directly to the 18U division. There is also preliminary information about house balancing below. We took the feedback from parents to heart after last season’s tryout so all dates are being declared in advance to allow all participants to maximize availability.

AAA / AA Coaching:

For the 18U AAA, 15U AAA and 13U AAA divisions, we will select the head coach from among the pool of qualified applicants following the first tryout (February 5, 2024). The AA coaches for both 15U and 13U may also be selected at that time but this may be deferred depending until after AAA team selection based on the player pools. As with prior years, we focus on placing players in the right tier before finalizing coaches for later tiers. Any AAA / AA head coach applicants should plan to be at the AAA tryouts to see the player pool.

We would like to invite any coaches who are interested in coaching on a volunteer basis (as head or assistant) to please submit an application here:

Please note that the deadline to indicate interest in coaching is January 31, 2024.

Our Coach Selection Policy can be found here:


Tryouts will be as follows:

  • February 5 @ Inside Performance (evening)
  • February 11 @ Inside Performance (evening)
  • February 16 @ Windsor Bubble (PD day, plan for potential afternoon times)

Specific times will be confirmed in a subsequent email which will come from your division coordinator and will depend in part on your group and declared positions. Declared head coach applicants will also be provided the tryout schedule.

Our Team Selection and Drafting Process Policy can be found here:

The first tryout will rely primarily on independent assessors with assistance from league executives and coaches from other divisions in order to avoid conflict prior to selection of coaches. This tryout aids in part in selection of the head coach as we rely on independent evaluations to ensure player abilities drive team formation ahead of coaching needs. Subsequent tryouts will have additional opportunities for volunteers to assist and sign-ups will be sent the week prior to evaluations, although we will seek to rely on unconflicted volunteers (ie coaches from other divisions) as much as possible. Team selection will be driven by the head coaches for each team, with oversight from league executives and input from independent assessors provided by Inside Performance and/or Travail.

AAA teams at each tier are anticipated to be completed by the end of February, but may be finalized sooner. Final roster will be approved by the league executive prior to communication to players and signed off by the President.

Following completion of the AAA selection, the AA coaches (15U and 13U only) will be finalized and will then have the option of undertaking an additional tryout, if needed, or relying on the evaluations from the first three sessions. Based on current registration, we anticipate fielding a single AA team at each of 13U and 15U.

House Team Balancing:

Balancing for the league’s house teams (18U AA, 15U/13U A, 11U and below) will take place during late February or March, subject to availability of facilities and timing of completion of the competitive selection process. Please watch for a future email.

Conflict of Interest:

Both our coach and team selection policies are informed by our Conflict of Interest Policy which can be found here: An example of a conflict would be the decision to appoint a head coach in a division where an executive has a family member playing. A conflicted executive would then recuse from the head coach appointment discussion. For clarity, this does NOT require executives to remove themselves from consideration as coaches. The executive delegates selection of assistant coaches to the appointed head coach.

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