Conflict of Interest Policy

North Shore Baseball Association Conflict of Interest Policy

Electronic Copy – Revision 1 (February 2020)


The purpose of this policy is to ensure the integrity of the decision-making processes of the NSBA Board of Directors and is maintained by ensuring that they are free from conflict or potential conflict in their decision-making.


Directors and Officers shall avoid situations in which they may be in a position of conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest.


A conflict of interest arises in any situation where a Director or Officer’s duty to act solely in the best interests of the NSBA and to adhere to an NSBA Director or Officer’s fiduciary duties is compromised or impeded by any other interest, relationship or duty of the Director. A conflict of interest also includes circumstances where the Director or Officer’s duties to the organization are in conflict with other duties owed by the Director or Officer such that the Director or Officer is not able to fully discharge the fiduciary duties owed to the organization such as a directorship on a competing baseball association’s board of directors. A Director or Officer cannot act to advance any interests other than those of the organization. Conflicts may arise as a result of financial and business interests, family interests and any other interest which impede the Director or Officer from fully discharging their fiduciary duties.


A Director or Officer who is in a position of conflict or potential conflict shall immediately disclose such conflict to the Board by notification to the President. Where the President has a conflict, notice shall be given to the Vice-President. The disclosure shall include the nature and extent of the conflict of interest. Disclosure shall be made at the earliest possible time and, where possible, prior to any discussion and vote on the matter. The Director or Officer who has declared a conflict shall not be present during the discussion or vote in respect of the matter in which the Director has a conflict and shall not attempt in any way to influence the voting.

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