Team Selection and Team Drafting Process Policy

North Shore Baseball Association Team Selection and Team Drafting Process Policy

Electronic Copy – Revision 1 (February 2020)


The purpose of this policy is to guide all decisions related to team selection and team drafting to ensure the selection process is fair and transparent and to ensure the drafting process is fair and designed to achieve the most balanced teams possible. The timelines for team selection and team drafting may vary from division to division within the limitations described below.


The NSBA will ensure a fair and transparent selection process for all teams in 11U and above as well as 9U summer teams. Team selection processes will be overseen by an NSBA representative named by the Executive Committee. Following independent evaluations, the NSBA representative will work with the Head Coach (as selected through the Coach Selection Policy) to establish any other tryout processes required prior to team selection. In the event the NSBA representative has concerns regarding the roster selected by the Head Coach this matter will be advanced to the Board of Directors for review prior to the roster being finalized. No Assistant Coaches with players in the selection will be named until the team roster is confirmed.


The NSBA will ensure all drafts required for divisions with multiple teams will occur in a fair and transparent manner. The top priority of any draft is to achieve the most balanced teams possible. The NSBA representative, the Division Coordinator and the Head Coaches only will be permitted to attend any draft. Head Coaches will be provided with a paper copy of any relevant player scores and other assessment data to inform them at the draft. This information will be returned to the Division Coordinator and destroyed once the draft is complete. The draft will be held in a neutral and private location. All discussions and information, such as player scores and rankings, will be kept confidential once the draft is complete. Friend requests and team formation for friend requests will be permitted for 5U, 7U and 9U. These teams will be formed by the Division Coordinator and they will be as balanced as possible. Friend request information will be provided to Head Coaches in the higher division so they can be considered during the draft but there is no guarantee such friend requests can be accommodated. At the conclusion of the draft, Head Coaches may discuss any necessary adjustments for balance with the NSBA representative before players are advised of their teams.

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