Coach Selection Policy

North Shore Baseball Association Coach Selection Policy

Electronic Copy – Revision 1 (February 2020)


The purpose of this policy is to guide all decisions related to coach selection for Head Coaches for top-tiered teams in spring, summer and single season in any division (all teams above the “house” level of play). The timelines for selection and the specific nature of the process may vary from division to division within the limitations described below.


The Selection Committee for Head Coach positions will be the Executive Committee with the exception of any Committee member determined to be in conflict by the NSBA’s Conflict of Interest Policy. The Head Coach will be selected by a simple majority vote of the Executive Committee and will then be reported to the Board of Directors prior to the official appointment of the applicant. Assistant coaches will be selected by the Head coach and confirmed by the Executive Committee using the same simple majority.


Applicants will be considered eligible provided:

    1. The applicant possesses the minimum certification requirements (i.e. NCCP) for the position within the applicable tier and division or can reasonably be expected to achieve the minimum certification requirements by the time they are required in the season.
    2. The applicant has completed the necessary application and provided the required references.
    3. The applicant is eligible to coach or is in the process of determining eligibility to coach through the CRC process.

Applicants will be assessed with consideration for:

    1. Independent evaluations that the applicant’s child (if also being considered for the team) can reasonably be expected to be selected for the team.
    2. Demonstrated experience and success in coaching, particularly in the BC Minor Baseball system or at a comparable league.
    3. The applicant’s past discipline record.
    4. Time commitment.
    5. Coaching philosophy.
    6. Vision, goals and objectives for the upcoming season.
    7. Alignment with NSBA’s vision, values and goals.

Applicants will be assessed using the following tools:

    1. Application.
    2. Background verification information including references.
    3. Proof of minimum required certifications.
    4. Interviews (if required).
    5. Any other tools deemed necessary to make an objective decision.
    6. Input from the Division Coordinator (when not in conflict).
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