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The BC Baseball Umpires Association (BCBUA) is offering online training for all new and returning members for 2021. This clinic is mandatory for any new officials wishing to work BC Minor Baseball games this year. All new officials must complete Level 1 first, unless they are granted an exemption by BCBUA.

All clinics will be online for the 2021 season and will run through April 24, 2021. You can find more details about the clinics here:

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Level 1: Required training for all umpires who wish to get started umping games for BC Minor Baseball teams. Minimum age for enrollment is 10 years old (birth year 2010 or older) during the 2021 calendar year. Upon successful completion of this training, these umpires will be eligible to call games at up to the 9U (Tadpole) and 11U (Mosquito) divisions. Ongoing training and mentorship will be available during the season, provided by more senior umpires from the North Shore as well as select mentorship provided by Baseball Canada National Program umpires for higher-level games.

Level 2: This is required training for more experienced umpires who wish to call higher-level games. Completion of a Level 1 clinic plus one year of umpiring experience OR an appropriate exemption granted by BCBUA are required to participate in the Level 2 clinic. Upon successful completion of this training, these umpires will be eligible to call games at the 13U (PeeWee) division, and possibly beyond, depending upon their age and experience. Mentoring will also be available for umpires at this level.

Note: Level 2 training actually takes 2 years to complete in full. This year, we are offering Part 1 (Offense) which covers the offensive elements of the game. After completing this part, umpires will be eligible to call NSBA games. Part 2 (Defense) which covers the defensive elements of the game will be offered and required in future years. The completion of both portions is required for consideration for certain higher-level assignments.

Cost: Free to attend the clinic, however, attendees must become members of the BCBUA in order to register for the clinic and to umpire games for NSBA. Annual membership fees for BCBUA are $35 for umpires ages 13 and under, and $65 for umpires 14 and over.

Register: Please register based on which level you should be in, see above for details.

Existing BCBUA Members:

  1. Existing Members Sign in first and pay the membership fee
  2. Register into a clinic (the clinic will be highlighted in green)

New BCBUA Members:

Locations and Dates: All clinics will be held online for 2021. Online clinics are available for a range of dates up to April 24, 2021. In person positioning training for new officials may be held by NSBA at a future date, depending on physical distancing requirements. Please visit the BCBUA Clinics website to find the one that works for you and to register.

BCBUA Membership: Membership is REQUIRED in order to officiate games for NSBA. Please visit the BCBUA members website and pay for your 2021 membership.

Membership Fee Reimbursement: All NSBA registered players who call 5 or more games during the 2021 season for NSBA may apply to have their membership fees reimbursed. Please save your receipt!

About BCBUA: Visit the BCBUA website at for details about them. BCBUA publishes a newsletter and also assigns key provincial tournaments for those umpires looking to take their game to the next level.

Umpire Gear: mask, chest protector and pads will be supplied locked at the parks. Umpires must wear a BCBUA Umpire hat and shirt, which are available by contacting . More experienced umpires may wish to purchase their own equipment. Pro Image Sports is the preferred supplier for the BCBUA and their website can be found here:

Please direct any questions or if you need any further information to:

Mark Goddard
Umpire in Chief

Nicholas Van Dyk
Umpire Coordinator

North Shore Baseball Association

Does your child enjoy playing baseball? Have they thought about umpiring a game or does your child ever express their opinions about plays and calls when they are watching or participating in a game?

If your child is 10 years old or older (birth year 2010 or older) during the 2021 calendar year and wants to learn how to be an umpire and to umpire a few of our North Shore Baseball Association games, have them come to one of the umpire clinic sessions that is being offered!

Essential Life Skills:

Umpiring will provide your child with the opportunity to develop some “life skills” that they can take with them throughout their journey in life.

Umpiring provides your child with the opportunities to exercise social skills such as communication, anger management, and conflict resolution. The interaction with other umpires, players, coaches and administrators will help them become more socially competent. It will also help them develop their knowledge of the rules of baseball.

Problem-solving and decision-making skills are probably the most important skills that an umpire must develop. The ability to make timely, logical decisions and to solve problems is a great tool for any youth’s skill set. As an umpire your child will be challenged to make decisions during the course of a game and throughout their career.

2021 Umpire Rates

Division (prior name)PlateBaseTotal
9U (Tadpole)$20$15$35
11U (Mosquito)$25$20$45
13U (PeeWee) A$35$30$65
13U (PeeWee) AA$45$35$80
13U (PeeWee) AAA$50$40$90
15U (Bantam) A$45$35$80
15U (Bantam) AA$50$45$95
15U (Bantam) AAA$55$45$100
18U (Midget) AA$55$45$100
18U (Midget) AAA$65$55$120
25U (Junior Men)$85$70$155

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