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Nigel Moore

Nigel Moore:

During the summer of 2012 we lost a very special friend, Nigel Moore.

With the start of the baseball season, we are reminded of his love for baseball, and his spirit for the game. For those of us who were lucky enough to play alongside Nigel throughout his years at Forest Hills Little League, Nigel is remembered as an enthusiastic, dedicated player who treated everyone fairly and kindly on and off the field. His personal qualities shone through baseball: his love for the game, his kindness towards those around him, and most of all, his willingness to just have fun.

Nigel was really an all-around fun guy to play with, he kept the whole team positive no matter what the score on the scoreboard. Furthermore, Nigel was a true wealth of knowledge when it came to baseball. Nigel and many of his friends played together for the first time on the legendary t-ball team The Braves. While many of us were still running the base paths in the wrong direction, knowing Nigel, he was probably calculating statistics for future reference. From then on baseball became an important part of our friendship. We were always competing for the top slot in our fantasy baseball leagues, playing together in the Forest Hills Little League, and we also took an awesome trip down to Seattle to watch the Mariners play the Angels last spring. Nigel’s encyclopedic knowledge of baseball and stats shone those two days at Safeco Field, as Nigel provided a running commentary on each player’s season stats and overall ability. Baseball, and the Forest Hills Little League, connected us on a new level.

The Nigel Moore Baseball Scholarship is awarded to the player who best exemplifies some of the qualities Nigel displayed both on and off the field, such as dedication, enthusiasm, sportsmanship and positive energy.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg


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