Advance Notice Policy

North Shore Baseball Association Advance Notice Policy

Electronic Copy – Revision 1 (February 2020)

North Shore Baseball Association (NSBA) is committed to facilitating an orderly and efficient process for holding annual general meetings and ensuring that all members receive adequate notice of director nominations and sufficient information with respect to all director nominees, which allows members to have an informed vote on director elections.

As such, the following Advance Notice Policy (the “Policy”) has been adopted by the Board of NSBA as of October 20, 2021.

Only persons nominated in accordance with the following procedures shall be eligible for election as directors:

  1. by or at the direction of the Board, including pursuant to a notice of meeting;
  2. by any member in good standing of the association, provided such notice is received in writing no later than 15 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting of NSBA.

Notice must be received by the President, Secretary or Returning Officer of NSBA by the deadline specified above and should include the name, address, email and phone number of the nominee.

In accordance with the association’s bylaws, all nominees for the Board must be members of the association in good standing, which means they have participated in the spring baseball season of the current year.

The chair of the AGM shall have the power to determine whether a nomination was made in accordance with this policy. In addition, the Board may, in its sole discretion, waive the application of any portion of this Policy.

This Policy was approved and adopted by the Board of NSBA on October 20, 2021. If not ratified at the next AGM by ordinary resolution of members of NSBA it shall be of no further force and effect.

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