11U (Mosquito) Select Exhibition Teams

February 6, 2017

In the 2017 Spring Season, BC Minor Baseball has established a new 11U (Mosquito) Select Exhibition Teams (MSET) program to augment regular season play for the 11U (Mosquito) division and provide the opportunity for some additional competitive play in this division.

MSET will be formed in early Spring after assessments. All players are welcome to put their name forward to be considered. To be considered, please inform the coordinator upon check in at evaluations. Teams will be formed based on evaluation results as well as possibly an additional outdoor assessment (Date TBD).

There will be additional fees to participate in this program. Those fees will be in addition to Spring Registration fees and will be decided on prior to the teams being formed. The cost will be approximately $80-$100/player to cover an additional jersey and umpire fees. There may also be some travel costs. There will be no special hats, helmets or other swag. These are not All Star teams and will be strictly developmental in nature.

Teams will be made up of 11 or 12 players, all of who must also be drafted onto a Spring Team and will have standardized game and practice times as well. We anticipate at least one MSET game per week on an interlock basis with other Associations (possibly Wednesday nights) and one practice time per week (day/time TBD). We will play approximately 8-10 games and have 8-10 practices with the season starting in March and ending on the May Long Weekend with a wrap up Tournament. Travel to other areas (mostly Lower Mainland) will be required. We anticipate having approximately 5 home games and 5 away games and participate in a Tournament during the 10 week season.

All MSET players must participate in their Spring Team schedule as well as fulfill their commitment to the MSET.

Participation in an MSET program does not qualify a player for any special consideration during selection of any Summer Ball or tiered summer team. MSET will be disbanded after the May Long weekend, so that all players can participate in Spring League playoffs. There will be separate assessments for summer baseball. No player is required to play MSET in order to be eligible to play or try out for a Summer Team later in the year. Players may participate in our Spring League only, and then assess for inclusion on a Summer All Star team in June.

North Shore Baseball Association is extremely excited about this “additional” opportunity being offered through BC Minor to provide additional opportunities and experiences for our players.

Please direct any questions to:
Jonathan Alpen, Vice President
North Shore Baseball Association

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