NSBA intends to merge with North Van Minor Hockey

April 1, 2018

The North Shore Baseball Association is pleased to announce its intention to merge with the North Vancouver Minor Hockey Association as early as this fall. This new association will be the first of its kind on the North Shore.  With the merged sports, we take the best aspects of each sport and combine them to create a new sport called Bockey. The name of the new association will be called the North Shore Bockey Association (NSBA). “We think the synergies are obvious between baseball and hockey and we are looking to add golf in 2020” said President Jacquie Griffiths.

Given that many players are involved in both sports, this merger should provide excellent opportunities for increased communication regarding scheduling and increased cross-training opportunities as well as the lower costs and increased efficiencies resulting from the increase in size.

With grass field diamonds at a premium on the North Shore, NSBA needed to look at other avenues. During the fall/winter months, Bockey will be played on ice rink fields, and during the spring/summer months, Bockey will be played on the existing artificial fields around the North Shore. Plus the added benefit of using the existing artificial fields is they have lights, for night games.

If all goes to plans, the inaugural season of Bockey will begin on April 1, 2019. Watch for more details coming soon.



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