Baseball Update May 5 2021 – BCMBA RTP Guideline – Coaches on Multiple Rosters

May 6, 2021

Dear NSBA Players and Families,

Here is the latest baseball update from BC Minors Baseball.

BCMBA RTP Guideline – Coaches on Multiple Rosters

It has come to BCMBA’s attention that there are coaches who are coaching multiple teams and are found on multiple rosters which until these covid times has not been an issue, but with the current Covid RTP guidelines it may be found to be a situation that puts said coaches outside the allowable RTP guidelines
at this time.

This situation has always existed where a coach within a single Association has players (siblings) in more than one division that either coach both teams or coach one and assist on the other.

I’ve discussed this with the PSO (Baseball BC) and find that while this is issue has not previously addressed specifically it is something that happens regularly due to lack of volunteer coaches and thus inadvertently takes those coached from the RTP small groups/teams methodology.

BCMBA asks then that all member Associations adhere to following Multiple Roster Guideline until the PHO and PSO have given notice otherwise;

For any and all BCMBA member Association any coaches coaching multiple teams, within a single BCMBA member Association, that it be mandatory to wear a mask at all times during practices and to put an emphasis on observing physical distancing as much as possible, and that those teams be only
within a single BCMBA member Association.

This means that coaches may not coach within two different BCMBA member Associations and/or Leagues. ie: Coaches can’t coach in Ladysmith and Duncan or Nanaimo and Oceanside or Ladner and North Delta etc. etc., and neither can Coaches coach in BCMBA and/or PBL or Little League or any other such relationship where the two teams do not belong to the same BCMBA member Association.

This applies to 26U players coaching in a lower division, they must wear masks full time and physical distance when they’re coaching.

Please, we all want to play, it would be a sad thing if Baseball gets shut down due to the coaches.

Yours in Baseball
Grant Butler, President BCMBA

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