Baseball Update June 23 2020 – FAQ v2.0

June 23, 2020

Dear NSBA Families:

The time has come to return to play for baseball. Volunteer board members from the NSBA have been busy developing the required safety protocols for our players and volunteers as directed by Baseball BC, BC Minor Baseball, viaSport, and our public health agencies. We have also been in communication with our community partners (North Vancouver Recreation Culture and Commission and West Vancouver District) in respect to permit access to our fields. Field permits are now being issued subject to the required documentation (safety plans, insurances, waivers) from now through to August. As expected, we have had some registration cancellations. This means there may need to be some adjustments to teams now or shortly after activities have resumed. Below is a series of FAQ’s we hope you will find informative.

Q: What are these “phases” for baseball play I keep hearing about?
A: Through viaSport and Baseball BC, three phases of activity were identified. PHASE 1 banned all baseball activity. PHASE 2 (the current phase) limits baseball activity to development sessions only (i.e., practices). THERE ARE NO GAMES OF ANY SORT PERMITTED IN THIS PHASE. We are also limited to a maximum of 12 participants (10 players and 2 coaches, or other combinations adding up to 12 total). In PHASE 3 some game activitiy will be permitted with strict restrictions on play to limit physical contact and reduce the likelihood of transmission of COVID-19.

Q: Will we be allowed to travel in PHASE 3?
A: There will be extremely limited travel, if any, off the North Shore.

Q: When will we be moving to PHASE 3 so we can play games?
A: There has not been a date provided for PHASE 3, but we are hoping things go well in PHASE 2 and that this transition will be in a few weeks. Ultimately determined by viaSport and Baseball BC in consultation with public health authorities.

Q: If I no longer want to play this season can I still defer my registration fee or receive a refund?
A: Yes. If you no longer wish to play this season, you can still defer your registration fee to next season or receive a refund UNTIL FRIDAY, JUNE 26th. To request a deferral or refund, please email the Registrar at and let them know what you would like to do with your registration fee:

  1. Defer your 2020 registration fee as a credit for the 2021 season (registration starts in November for 2021 season)
  2. Receive a Full Refund

Q: What do I have to do for my player to return to play? Do I have to sign a waiver?
A: Yes: BC Minor Baseball and the insurance company required all players to provide certain signed documents including a waiver. The documents are available on the NSBA website at and will also be distributed by your coach. No player or coach will be permitted to participate in any baseball activities until the waiver is complete. There is no flexibility with this requirement.

Q: What kind of safety protocols can I expect to see?
A: Rightfully, there are lots of new procedures we are required to follow in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in our community. For example coaches or managers must disinfect common high touch surface areas at the baseball field, and baseballs and any shared team bats between baseball practices. We also need to keep 2m apart. More information regarding safety protocols is available at

Q: Are you providing any new safety or sanitizing equipment and materials?
A: Yes. Hand sanitizer, disinfectant supplies along with additional first aid gear (masks/nitrile gloves) will be provided in team bags. This is an additional cost to NSBA but safe play is the top priority for NSBA.

Q: Is there anything I can do to help reduce the cost of the required equipment and materials?
A: If possible, teams/parents should provide rags/paper towels to help coaches disinfect shared equipment and high touch common surfaces. In addition, please ensure your player has hand sanitizer at the baseball practices/games. Any donations of materials of funds to offset these costs will also be gratefully accepted. Please contact if you would like to discuss a potential donation.

Q: Will coaches and others receive training for all these new safety protocols and procedures?
A: Yes. Because this year will be like no other, we will set up training sessions (via online or in person) over the next few days/weeks for team volunteers – the focus will be on our safety protocols. Stay tuned for details. ALL COACHES MUST BE TRAINED ON SAFETY PROTOCOLS BY THE NSBA PRIOR TO ANY ACTIVITY.

We hope this information is helpful. Watch for more information specific to your division from your division coordinator shortly.

If you have any questions please contact:

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