Baseball Update July 31 2020 – Baseball BC In Phase Movement Intra Club Game Play Permitted

July 31, 2020

Dear NSBA Players and Families,

Here is the latest baseball update from Baseball BC.

Baseball BC RTP In Phase Movement Alert

Effective Immediately, Intra Club game play now permitted for any team that doesn’t have an equivalent in club playing partner. 

REMINDER: Clubs are to continue to abide by governing body and local government rules regarding any current COVID restrictions in place.

Any Intra Club Play must follow the protocols laid out for game play Phase 3 of the Baseball BC RTP Guidelines. In addition,

  • Interim Bubbles of two or three teams maximum are able to be designated to allow for game play.
  • Please note that athletes are only permitted to participate in one bubble at any one time.
  • Teams are not permitted to interact with teams outside of their designated Interim Bubble.
  • Interim Bubbles to consist of teams from the closest surrounding club that is offering equivalent programming in order to reduce travel.

Selected reminders about modification in Phase 3

  • Physical distancing must always still be maintained outside of the regular course of game play (ie. batters or plays in the field).
    • No plate meetings pre-game for lineup exchanges unless physical distancing requirements are adhered to.
    • No mound visits by catcher or coach unless physical distancing requirements are adhered to.
    • No post game handshakes.
  • Clubs and/or teams should assign a safety and sanitation champion for each event to track attendance, assist in reminders about physical distancing and implement the ongoing sanitation needs and requirements.
  • Baseballs need to be new or disinfected every time they are entered into play.  Hand sanitizing should take place at the end of every half inning.
  • Umpires must comply with physical distancing requirements and may need to use alternate positioning to comply.
  • Practices and training are still expected to follow all Phase 2 requirements and Guidelines as listed.

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